The Game-Changing Power of Customer DNA

Customer DNA allows you to be fully people-based. You can tailor and personalize your marketing messages to the individual, as opposed to reaching out to segments or audiences. It gives you the key differentiator in the depth of knowledge you have on individual customers. And, with every customer interaction, all Customer DNA metrics are updated, re-calculated and re-scored in real-time. That’s what allows you to target your customer with the exact right offer, via the right channel, at the right time, and even anticipate what they need. Customer DNA really is each and every customer’s heartbeat.

Moreover, when you combine Customer DNA with alert and trigger functionalities, and a rules engine, you can initiate data-driven, tailored engagements with your customers, at any moment, without the need for human intervention. When a Customer DNA attribute fulfills a certain condition, an interaction will be triggered, via the best channel for that customer. This allows you to be much more precise and targeted in your marketing efforts. It makes your organization truly customer-centric; you will be fulfilling and anticipating your customers’ needs as they arise, using the full power of your customer data.

Once you connect the Customer DNA to your channels, both digital and assisted, you’re in a position to provide your customers with the most relevant experience and to have a connected dialogue. No matter the channel or device, or the time or location your customer initiates a conversation with your brand, you will have their up-to-date Customer DNA at hand to optimize your response. This is key to providing a customer experience as “one brand.”