An Abundance of Use Cases Across the Customer Journey for the Highest ROI

What type of use cases can you use Customer DNA for? If acquisition, upsell or cross-sell are important goals for you, Customer DNA will play a key role in delivering a targeted, relevant and personalized experience for every customer.

Customer DNA knows:

  • Which products your customer is eligible for.
  • Your customer’s propensity to buy each one of your products.
  • Their preferences to engage with you in a certain experience.

A great benefit of Customer DNA is its granular and expandable nature, and its ability to contain models as attributes. That means you’ll build unlimited, personalized experiences based on your Customer DNA metrics, as opposed to managing an increasingly complex set of rules, which become very difficult to maintain and operationalize.

If customer onboarding, education or proactive servicing are your key focus areas, Customer DNA can be at the basis of data-driven video marketing, for instance. The value of specific customer attributes will drive dynamic scene selections, select custom audio for the video and deliver dynamic data to be shown in the video.

If retention is your most important business goal, Customer DNA will be game-changing, as well. Within the Customer DNA, your retention model will be executed in real-time. As soon as a threshold is reached, or as soon as the customer’s retention score starts to fall (even before it reaches the threshold), you’ll be able to trigger individual, personalized actions for this customer. Customer DNA will enable you to act at the start of the win-back period, instead of waiting for manual retention reporting to be run.